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Domestic flight included
$1.290 (Kz 903.000) per person
4 or 5 Days
Lubango & Namibe
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Lubango & Namibe Discover Lubango & Namibe
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Shared tour price:: The price specified above is for a shared 4 people tour. For private tours or other groups, contact us please. 4 days tour:: Our suggestion is doing it in 5 days to really enjoy most of the attractions of Lubango and Namibe. However, we can manage to do it in 4 days with focus on Namibe province. Just contact us!
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  • Places to Visit
  • Places to Visit
  • Places to Visit
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Places to Visit

Day 1: Luanda (flight)

Arriving at Luanda do a city tour depending on the time you have until your flight.

Flight to Lubango by the end of the day.

Overnight at Lubango

Places to Visit

Day 2: Lubango

City tour - time to know about Lubango

Visit Cristo Rei and the Tundavala cliff  at 1200 high.

Lunch on the way to Namibe and stop to visit the waterfalls.

Overnight at Namibe

Places to Visit

Day 3

Safari & Tribe Tour (Mucuroca)

Overnight at Iona

Places to Visit

Day 4

Enjoy the safari in Iona National Park until the Cunene river mouth

Quick stop in espinheira on the way

Overnight camping at the dunes in the middle of the Desert

Places to Visits

Day 5: Back Namibe along the cost

Back to Namibe along the coast where you will a beautiful scenario driving between the dunes of the desert and the Atlantic Ocean

Take some pictures at the Arco - oasis

Time to lunch

Flight to Luanda

More about Lubango & Namibe

More about this tour

Lubango – It is the capital city of Huíla province and it has many attractions nearby such as the upland, the Tundavala cliff at 1200 meteres high, the Christ statue and view point over the city, among others

Namibe – It is a province of Angola much of it covered by the desert. In the Namib Desert can be seen the rare Welwitschia mirabilis, "a strange plant with a giant root", and also the Iona National Park. Lake Arco, a fresh-water oasis, is a stunning sight in the middle of the desert. The Iona National Park also in Namibe province is known for its wildlife like the presence of Leopards, Chita, Oryx, Springbok, among other animals.

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Lubango & Namibe - Desert Safari

$1.290 (Kz 903.000) per person
4 or 5 Days
Lubango & Namibe

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